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05. legal pages

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01.copy write audit

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These tools have helped us in all aspects of growing, they are some of our favorite resources to streamline your business. 

This is exclusive to Sunday Mogul, we offer  a free copy write audit. If you have a page on your website, social media posts or article you need us to audit apply for a second set of eyes trained to help!

Streamlining your business can lower the time spent on tasks, help you scale  + while elevating it. 

02. website audit

Another exclusive to Sunday Mogul, already have a website but need some tips? We will review every page and give you solid advice to make some changes that can convert your site. We want to help!

03. showit

This web design platform is essential to any site, its drag and drop style will help you achieve your dream. Click the link below to try it for 14 days for free + see how it changes the way
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04. flodesk

Email marketing has never been so fun! Connect with your clients like never before, design your waitlists + keep tabs on who's interested in all your offers. Click the link for 50% off for life!!

It's so important to protect your business with the right legal pages. At Amira Law she makes it so easy to find out what specifically you need for your business. Take her quiz + find out now!

This platform is used by over a million people, it's that good. You can customize your store + try it now for 14 days to see how it can transform the way your clients can shop on your page. 

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apply now

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- Kandice

"An incredible experience. Alexis truly embodied everything I wanted my site to be & more."

- Jennifer

"Thank you for your amazing work!! You have a beautiful gift of writing with such grace!"

- Lina

"She made my dream website. It was way more than I expected and her attention to detail is impeccable."

- Megan

"She was fast, efficient and gave me feedback for my copy."

- KseniYa

"Alexis' knowledge of storytelling and persuasive copy is invaluable. She is very talented at always translating my key messages and a great, reliable partner to work with."




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