I eat ice cream with a fork, if it doesn't have subtitles I cant hear it, there is never a sunset I'm not in awe of. I love scaring people but I hate to get scared, I haven't ate meat since 2017 & being half middle eastern it's kinda a cardinal sin. I've been too philosophical since I was born, fresh air is my elixir, I think my intuition is my superpower, I have social anxiety but if pressured enough will show up, books & music are the blueprint of my soul.  I take genuine interest in others, I listen without judgement and I hope to capture your purpose guiding you to unveiling its existence. xx


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- Kandice

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- Megan

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"Alexis' knowledge of storytelling and persuasive copy is invaluable. She is very talented at always translating my key messages and a great, reliable partner to work with."


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